1014. Box

单点时限: 2.0 sec

内存限制: 256 MB

Ivan works at a factory that produces heavy machinery. He has a simple job – he knocks up wooden boxes of different sizes to pack machinery for delivery to the customers. Each box is a rectangular parallelepiped. Ivan uses six rectangular wooden pallets to make a box. Each pallet is used for one side of the box.

Joe delivers pallets for Ivan. Joe is not very smart and often makes mistakes – he brings Ivan pallets that do not fit together to make a box. But Joe does not trust Ivan. It always takes a lot of time to explain Joe that he has made a mistake.

Fortunately, Joe adores everything related to computers and sincerely believes that computers never make mistakes. Ivan has decided to use this for his own advantage. Ivan asks you to write a program that given sizes of six rectangular pallets tells whether it is possible to make a box out of them.


Input consists of six lines. Each line describes one pallet and contains two integer numbers w and h (1 <= w, h <= 10 000) – width and height of the pallet in millimeters respectively.


Write a single word “POSSIBLE” to the output file if it is possible to make a box using six given pallets for its sides. Write a single word “IMPOSSIBLE” if it is not possible to do so.


1345 2584
2584 683
2584 1345
683 1345
683 1345
2584 683

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