1311. Chase

单点时限: 2.0 sec

内存限制: 256 MB

Write a program that:

1.reads the description of a board and numbers of squares on which pieces are placed initially.

2.decides if player B can catch player A and if so, computes how many turns he needs (we assume that both players play optimally);

3.writes the result.


In the first line of the input file GON.IN there are four integers n, m, a and b separated by single spaces, where 2<=n<=3000, n-1<=m<=15000, 1<=a,b<=n and a <b. These are (respectively): the number of squares of the board, the number of adjacent (unordered) pairs, the number of the square on which the piece of player A is placed, the number of the square on which the piece of player B is placed. In each of the following lines there are two distinct positive integers separated by a single space, which donote numbers of adjacent squares.


In the first and only line there should be:

1.one word NIE (which means NO in Polish), if player B can not catch player A, or

2.one integer - the number of turns needed by B to catch A (if B can catch A).


9 11 9 4
1 2
3 2
1 4
4 7
7 5
5 1
6 9
8 5
9 8
5 3
4 8

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