2396. International Collegiate Programming Contest

单点时限: 10.0 sec

内存限制: 256 MB

Do you have any idea how much work must be done to make a competition like this to happen? Reserve rooms, install computers, buy some food, print certificates ― these are only some of the important tasks. Can you imagine how many sleepless nights have been spent since the first CTU competition in 1995? And this was only for people like you to enjoy the ICPC. Wow! Beside others, the problem set must be carefully prepared. This includes not only the problem statements but also solutions and test data. It is really a large amount of work. Would you help us, please? Your task is to create a test input data for the Problem B (banking).


The input to your program will be some valid and correct output for Problem B.


Print any input that will exactly satisfy the Input Specification for the Problem B and that would generate the given output.


withdraw 20.00: ok
deposit 35.00: ok
withdraw 200.00: insufficient funds
transfer 100.50: ok
transfer 50.00: interbank
create: already exists
create: ok
transfer 100.00: same account
transfer 100.00: insufficient funds
withdraw 100.00: no such account
deposit 0.11: no such account
transfer 10000.00: no such account
deposit 6.92: ok
withdraw 9.68: ok
withdraw 6.64: ok
1234/5 100.00
4321/6 150.20
5432/5 1600.00
withdraw 1234/5 20.00
deposit 1234/5 35.00
withdraw 1234/5 200.00
transfer 5432/5 1234/5 100.50
transfer 5432/5 4321/6 50.00
create 1234/5
create 1236/5
transfer 1236/5 1236/5 100.00
transfer 1236/5 1234/5 100.00
withdraw 0000/0 100.00
deposit 0000/0 0.11
transfer 1234/5 0000/0 10000.00
9999/9 9.40
deposit 9999/9 6.92
withdraw 9999/9 9.68
withdraw 9999/9 6.64
Hint:In this problem, “Presentation Error” means that your output format is incorrect and the output does not satisfy the Input Specification for Problem B. “Wrong Answer” will be used if your output seems as a correct input for Problem B but it would not generate the requested answer.

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9.9 EMB 奖励。

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