2706. Fenwick Tree

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For a number denote as maximal such that is divisible by . For example, , . Let , for example, , .

Consider array of integer numbers. Fenwick tree for this array is the array such that



For example, the Fenwick tree for the array is the array .

Let us call an array self-fenwick if it coincides with its Fenwick tree. For example, the array above is not self-fenwick, but the array is self-fenwick.

You are given an array . You are allowed to change values of some elements without changing their order to get a new array which must be self-fenwick. Find the way to do it by changing as few elements as possible.


The first line of the input file contains ― the number of elements in the array (). The second line contains integer numbers ― the elements of the array. The elements do not exceed by their absolute values.


Output numbers ― the elements of the array . If there are several solutions, output any one.


3 -1 4 1 -5 9
0 -1 1 1 0 9

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